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Global Matcha

Organic. Handcrafted. Ceremonial-grade.

Matcha is green tea to the tenth power with 10 to 15 times more nutrients than other green teas. In Japan, this tea is reserved exclusively for consumption in ritual tea ceremonies.

Global Matcha, our single origin, organic, ceremonial-grade matcha, is grown in limited quantities -- and only in the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan. Harvested just once a year, it is cultivated by covering tea plants with bamboo mats several weeks prior to harvest, thereby increasing the chlorophyll content. The leaves are dried, de-spined and stone-ground into a powder for a powerful energy drink.

With matcha, the whole tea leaf is consumed, not just the steep off the leaves as with other teas. Organic matcha contains a higher antioxidant count than all fruits and vegetables -- 70 times more than a fresh orange. It contains high concentrations of chlorophyll, bioflavonoids, polyphenols, and egcg-catechins (proven to inhibit the growth of cancer cells).

Tea field, Uji, Kyoto

Tea field, Uji, Kyoto

Organic matcha reduces cholesterol and high blood pressure, helps to prevent strokes, heart attacks, blood clots and heart disease, regulates blood sugar, protects against toxins and free radicals, and is effective in reducing fat, moderating allergies, and preventing gum disease and cavities.

Matcha green tea and whisk

Matcha green tea and whisk

You may not be familiar with matcha green tea, but once you try it, you're sure to love its pure, refreshing taste, health benefits, and the energy boost it provides. It's easy to prepare -- just follow the quick and easy instructions.



The Perfect Matcha.

Add one teaspoon of Global Matcha to one 12-ounce bottle of water and shake well. That's it.

For a change of pace --

Add four ounces of fresh-squeezed orange juice or your citrus juice of choice to facilitate absorption.

You can even make organic matcha lemonade -- add one teaspoon of organic matcha, the juice of two lemons, liquid agave to taste to a bottle of water and shake well. 

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