Tea Light Cafe

Vietnamese Cuisine

Fresh, healthy and delicious.

Family owned and operated since 2006.

Conveniently located at Scottsdale 101.

Fresh Is Best

At Tea Light Cafe, we believe fresh ingredients are best. Why? No secret, really. Fresh ingredients simply taste better and deliver the clean, natural flavor you want. They provide more of the nutrients you need. And they don’t contain unnecessary preservatives, so you can enjoy a healthier meal.

We have our fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs delivered to each of our locations every day, while our chef personally shops for special ingredients to ensure that what we serve is of the highest quality.

Every morning, the smell of fresh-cut cilantro fills our kitchen, mingling with the scent of Thai basil, ginger and lemongrass to set the stage for a wonderful day of healthy, delicious dining.


Fresh cilantro

Fresh cilantro

Herbs make each dish yours.

Like Vietnam, other countries use a variety of spices in their cuisine. But perhaps no other country uses fresh, green herbs to create such a fragrant, floral-like effect for your dining pleasure.

Herbs allow you to fine-tune the taste of a particular dish to your own choosing. That’s why we provide complementary garnishes with our dishes so you can make your meal yours and yours alone and experience the true taste of Vietnamese cuisine.

Thai basil

Thai basil

Time well spent.

Some of our guests have favorite dishes they enjoy during each visit. Others like to try something different every time they dine with us.

For many, our beef pho is a revelation. Our bone marrow beef broth is made over the course of two days, during which time it boils overnight with a special selection of spices that bring out the flavor of the bone marrow. During the second day, we cook the brisket with the base to add even more smooth, rich flavor for you to enjoy.

As soon as it’s done, we start another pot from the very beginning, so everyone can savor a great, fresh bowl of pho that will transport you to the family dinner table in Vietnam.

Rice vermicelli

Rice vermicelli